I’m sure you’ve all heard, and most likely used the phrase ‘a fly on the wall’.

Have you ever wished you were ‘a fly on the wall’, and perhaps privy to a conversation or some information that you probably weren’t entitled to? Maybe you knew there was a conversation happening in which you were being discussed and you’d like to know what was being said. Perhaps you had been for an interview and were impatient to know the outcome. Or possibly you weren’t invited to something, or you were invited and couldn’t make it, and would have loved to know what they were doing or talking about. There are many scenarios for the inside information you could gain if you were able to be a ‘fly upon the wall’.

However, have you ever considered the concept in relation to your own life?

Becoming ‘a fly on the wall’ of your own life. Being privy to additional information. Perhaps knowing the outcome sooner. Knowing what was being done or talked about. If you could view your own life from the position of the fly on the wall, how would that change your perspective? Would it change your perspective?

Just imagine if you were ‘a fly on the wall’ of your own life. You could view your life from many different angles and gain many different perspectives. You would have four walls to choose from and a ceiling. And many varied positions on those walls and ceiling!

If you were able to view your own life from an outsider’s perspective what would you think?

Try it now!         

Spend some time considering your life from the view of another. Be the fly on the wall.

As an outsider we are able to step back and take ourselves out of the centre of the picture. We can look at our lives more objectively. If you were able to do that – How could it change your life? Would it make it easier to choose, to take risks, to make changes? Would it be easier to live a life of greater freedom?

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