Wizard of Oz is one of my many favourite children’s movies. I don’t remember the first time I watched it, but I do remember the first time I thought about it in relation to the concept of looking outside of ourselves to feel that we are enough – that was definitely more recently.

I understood the concept that the lion already had the courage he was looking for, the Tin Man already had a heart and the scarecrow already had the brains he was looking for. Yet it was much more recently that I realised that each of the characters – Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow – were seeking answers to life outside of themselves when they already had what they were searching for within. They believed the Wizard of Oz would be able to solve their problems, and thus ‘make’ them happy. And the Wizard was unhappy to!

How often do we live our lives like these characters? Searching for happiness and fulfillment in possessions, relationships with others and achievement of our material goals. When I finish school; When I get my new car; When I graduate from college; When I meet someone; When I get married; When I buy a house; When I have a baby; When the children grow up; When I lose weight; When I get a better job/promotion.

This sort of thinking leaves us endlessly striving, with the goal – happiness – always in the future. With each goal achieved we may feel satisfaction and happiness, yet it is not long term, we need to strive for the next goal because the happiness on completion is short lived. This is because ‘things’ outside of us do not provide long term happiness.

The Lion simply needed to believe he was courageous. The Tin Man was already able to love. The Scarecrow already had brains. And Dorothy already had the ability to return home.

Like these characters we all have what we need within us to be happy. Happiness is a choice. A choice we can make at any moment in time, regardless of what we do or don’t have outside of us!

We are and always have been enough. We are all able to love. We all have enough courage. We are all smart. We can all take ourselves where we want to go – even if it is only in our imaginations. The choice is ours!

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