Do you celebrate yourself?

Often we overlook who we used to be in our desire to be who we want to be. Often we overlook where we used to be in our desire to be where we want to be.

As we strive to reach our goals we forget to celebrate the ones we do reach. We can be so keen to reach the next milestone we ignore the milestone we have just reached. We achieve a goal and immediately set a new one without celebrating our achievement. We keep striving. The next goal, the next goal, the next one. But it is important to pause, even stop, and celebrate our achievements. It is important to recognise and honour our achievements. To recognise and honour the person who we used to be, as it has made us who we are now and who we will be.

It is good to have goals. It is good to desire to achieve things. It is good to have dreams. It is our dreams and desires that give our lives a purpose. They give us a reason to get out of bed each day. Yet if we only strive to achieve without pausing to congratulate ourselves, we will burn ourselves out. Celebrating our successes is honouring ourselves. Celebrating each achievement, no matter how small, helps give us the incentive to pursue the next step towards our dreams and desires.

As a teacher I have many times witnessed a child being motivated to try something new or different because they received praise for something they had just achieved. How many times have you been motivated to try something new or different because someone acknowledged something you had achieved? Yet how simple is it to acknowledge and praise yourself? To congratulate and celebrate yourself and your achievement.

So next time you are setting a goal, before you do – Pause – And ask yourself… Did I acknowledge myself for my last goal? Did I celebrate my last goal? Did I honour my achievement? If you didn’t, do that first before moving on to the next goal.

Perhaps you make it a habit to celebrate yourself each night? There is always something you can congratulate yourself for – even if on that day it was simply getting out of bed!

Remember who you were and where you were, and honour that person. Recognise and honour the person you used to be, as it has made you who you are now and who we will be.

So go on… Celebrate you! You deserve it!

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