Two words with a quite different meaning. Actually rather opposite meanings.

Two very different ways of looking at something but just a simple rearrangement of the letters.

Can we take this analogy into our lives?

Reaction – “a response to some influence, event, etc.” “a reverse movement or tendency; an action in a reverse direction or manner”

Creation – “the act of producing or causing to exist; the act of creating” “something that has been created” “the world; universe” “an original product of the mind”

When we look at something or are faced with a challenge in our lives, we have a choice. We can react to it or we can use it to create something else.

Let’s consider this in relation to a seed.

You are given a seed. You can look at that small seed and wonder… What can I do with it?

This analogy can be linked to living ‘Above the Line’, or At Cause, or living ‘Below the Line’, or At Effect. Are you aware of your choices and taking responsibility for your life and creating results? Or, are you believing you have no choices, reacting with excuses and finding reasons why not?

You may choose to react to this gift and see at as a small insignificant seed and throw it away. What use is a seed in your hand? Or, you may choose to plant the seed, water it, nurture it and create a plant or a flower or maybe a tree.

Similarly, when faced with a challenge in life you can react to it as an obstacle. You can see it as a destruction of your plans and you can try to hold on to what you know and control the situation, or try to avoid it. Or, you can choose to see the challenge as a gift. A gift which gives you the opportunity to create something new – to create new plans.

You may be unexpectedly fired from your job. At first this will be a shock and you will most likely react with indignation and fear of the ramifications. Yet if you allow yourself to sit with your emotions about being sacked, feel the frustration and anger, but not react out of anger and frustration, then at a later time you may be able to see it as an opportunity to create something new – like a better job opportunity or your own business.

Are you REACTING with excuses or CREATING results?

Are you At Effect and reacting with fear, blame, shame and guilt, feeling you are a victim, believing you have not choice and feeling justified to feel sorry for yourself? Finding reasons and excuses outside of yourself for why your life is like it is.

Or are you At Cause and creating with love and acceptance, aware of your choices and taking responsibility and ownership of the experiences in your life. Are you creating results?

Two words. Same letters. Totally different results!

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