Do you ever look up at the sky and see images in the clouds? Or perhaps more to the point do you ever stop and look up to the sky?

How many of us go about our day focused just in front of us? Looking at the ground; looking where we are going to place our next step. Focused on where we are going rather than where we are right now.

How many of us do not pause, and look around? Always in a hurry to finish this; finish that; go there; get there; do this; do that. We don’t take the time to ‘see’ what is right there in front of us. We miss the beauty of our surroundings, we miss the joy in the face of a child, we miss the butterfly fluttering past us, we miss the rainbow, we miss the cloud formations.

Today when I paused and looked up, I saw a dragon. The other day I saw an angel. I often see angels and dragons, and fairies and unicorns too. I’ve seen many different animals as well – dogs, birds, cats, lions, horses and sheep. Just yesterday I saw a pig.

What do you see when you look up? Do you look up?

When you ponder shapes in clouds you are allowing yourself to be absorbed in the moment. To be completely in the present moment. You are looking at the clouds – seeing or imagining shapes and images. While you are pondering what you see you’re looking only at the clouds. You aren’t worrying about the shopping, or the children, or your job, or the past, or anything else – Just what you can see in the clouds.

Can contemplating what you see in the clouds – or not contemplating what you see in clouds – be seen in the light of how we see our lives?

Do you spend time contemplating what you ‘see’ in your life? Or do you just go about your day on autopilot, always thinking about something else – the next job, the next place you need to be, the next thing you need to consider, or regretting something in the past – rather than what you are actually doing at that moment? Do you allow yourself a moment to pause and absorb your surroundings? To contemplate what you see, hear and feel?

Try it! Be in the moment. Lie down on the grass and look at the clouds. What can you see?

Then apply that idea to your life. Pause and look around. What do you see?

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