I sit here listening to the birds singing. They always sound so cheerful.
I sit here watching the birds flitting from bush to bush. They do so with such ease and lack of fear.
The Finches flit from flower to flower sticking their beaks into each one, often hanging upside down to get the sweet nectar from the flower.
The Black Birds hop along the ground and fly up into the bushes, also darting from flower to flower seeking the sugary nectar.
The beautiful, colourful lorikeets fly down and land, only to swoop back into the air almost immediately.
As I am walking the Magpie stops and curiously watches me go past, and then resumes fossicking in the grass.
A flock of noisy cockatoos fly across the sky as the day starts to draw to a close.
I love to lie in bed on a Sunday morning and listen to the tunes of the birds. Sometimes they hop across my roof disturbing my quiet ponderings.
If we take the time we have so much to gain from these diverse creatures.
They can harmoniously seek the nectar of the flowers in the same bush without fighting. They know there is more than one flower, and there is enough nectar to share. They do not feel threatened by another bird seeking nectar from another flower nearby, and they do not feel the need to compete with each other.
They wake each day and they sing. They do not decide that today I will not sing because I don’t know if I will find a flower and some nectar or an insect or a worm. They do not decide that today I will not sing because it is windy, or cloudy, or it might rain.
When you wake each day do you worry about ‘finding your worm’, or do you listen to the birds singing and enjoy their song, knowing that a new day is breaking. A new day with new opportunities to sing.

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