The scratching of the green pencil

as she colours

The crinkling of the paper

The deep breathing

The deep sighs

She turns the page

Revealing a new blank page

The past released

A new page to write

A new beginning to finding herself

                                                Valerie 24/10/2018

The simple act of doodling or drawing can allow so much of us to reveal itself.

Do you doodle? Do you draw? Do you paint? Do you sculpt?

When you do – What do you doodle? What do you draw, paint or sculpt?

What do your creations say about you? What do they reveal to you?

Allowing ourselves to be creative is a way of acknowledging ourselves.

The definition of acknowledge is

‘to admit to be real or true; recognise the existence, truth, or fact of’

‘to take notice of or reply to’

‘to show or express appreciation or gratitude for’

Do you allow yourself to be creative?

Do you acknowledge yourself?

Do you acknowledge your talents?

Do you acknowledge when you have achieved something?

Do you acknowledge how far you have come along this path called life?

Read each of those questions again replacing the word ‘acknowledge’ with each of the words in the definition

  • admit to be real
  • admit to be true
  • recognise the existence of
  • recognise the truth of
  • recognise the fact of
  • take notice of
  • reply to
  • show appreciation for
  • express appreciation for
  • show gratitude for
  • show appreciation for

Being creative is a lovely way of acknowledging ourselves – of allowing ourselves to be – to be us. To honour and nurture ourselves.

Go on! Admit that you are real and true. Recognise the truth and fact of your existence. Take notice of, show appreciation of and gratitude for yourself. 🙂

What are some of the ways you can acknowledge yourself right now?

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